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“Dating sucks. Dating in NYC. Girls are not looking for something long-term—they are looking for a fling. They are looking for a cute guy, to take them out for food and drinks. Some guys are similar. Things usually fizzle out and they move on to next because there are plenty of fish in NYC.” – David, Young professional, Native New Yorker

“Usually I hang out with my circle of friends and coworkers but beyond that my options are limited. It is hard finding new people to meet despite New York being filled with a lot of people. And I don’t go out often. But when I do go to the occasional bar or club and guys approach me, I am not willing to talk to them beyond that night, because it is not realistic to meet a nice guy at those places and guys there are probably asking 10 other girls for their numbers. Seon, Parsons School of Design, New York transplant.


The disillusionment and frustration we hear from David and Seon’s experience of dating in NYC is often echoed by both women and men we come across.

Intimacy Solutions’ vision is to bring together people, across the arc of intimacy, who are looking for meaningful connections that are scaffolded upon the foundations of  fidelity, vulnerability, Restoration, and truth.

Intimacy Events Include:

  • Speed Dating
  • Social Networking Events / Happy Hours
  • 1 -on- 1 Intimate Dating
  • Friendship/activity partner pairing
  • Philanthropy & Community Engagement
  • Special Events

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A night of networking, love, and mentoring outreach for Korean youth, in partnership with Big Brothers and Big Sister, NYC.


                                                               April 2, 5pm to 11pm

93 Bowery St 18th floor, New York, NY 10002 (Rooftop)

This event is today! Still want to come? Purchase Tickets at the Door for $20