Speed Dating

If you have ever been on a speed dating event before or new to the concept we welcome you join our brand of speed dating, called “speed courting.” Every detail of the event has been engineered with you in mind. We are sensitive to the fact that people have hang-ups about speed dating and major anxiety. Therefore we take special effort to getting to know our clients through a screening process to maximize an enjoyable and positive experience for all of our speed daters.

We are currently looking for girls and guys between ages 22-39 for Asian speed dating events in NY.

Our events are not for serial daters. Generally speaking, our events are for people who have been in long term relationships that ended for some time and are only now open to exploring friendships and relationships after a sabbatical from the dating scene or individuals who are back in the dating scene after focusing on their careers and now are established and placing a priority on relationships and friendships. Are events are low key, casual, and fun.

Just to get an idea, people that participated from previous events were working professionals, educators, PhD and executive MBA students, musicians, physicians, and those working in the financial and fashion sectors. Participants are evaluated on their level of intimacy readiness. If you are interested in attending please email us directly at info@intimacysolutions.org to be evaluated for our upcoming/future events. Typically dinner is provided with drinks, tax and tip with the cost of ticket. Please email us with any questions that you may have.
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